Welcome to the Shane Simerley Productions WIKI ! Here you can go behind the scenes of the entire News network at RHS, and see how Shane Simerley Productions, produces films one scene at a time. Click on a link below or up above in
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Theres plenty of info, pics, videos and more so go explore and enjoy.


Project:Phoenix - Shane Simerley's Biggest Project yet, set for release in Spring 2014.

We Are Ringgold - The Tribute made for the fallen city o Ringgold

RHS MORNING NEWS -The original show Directed by Shane Simerley

RMN: Lunchroom Edition - The canceled Lunchroom edition of RMN

RHS TIGER NEWS -The New Upcoming news show set to replace RMN

Other Important Places

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RMN News Crew

News Room

The Video Game

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